Leadership Partnering

You Need a Partner, Not A Coach

Your Leadership team faces challenges that few can understand. Leadership Partnering is an opportunity for anyone on the Executive Team to truly tackle any challenge with an experienced and independent partner. Weekly or on-call deep-dive meetings allow anyone to have intelligent, no-holds-barred discussions to help formulate, validate, or grow complex business opportunities.

Companies in which Executive Management has direct access to innovative ideas and unfiltered feedback are more innovative.

Leadership Partnering

The Conversations Executives Need

The higher up the org-chart the executive, the more likely they find it difficult to find a true collaborator. Leadership Partnering is designed to solve this problem. This is about working through challenging issues with an independent partner and collaborator that can provide non-political, unbiased, and thought-provoking ideas.

This is not coaching.

It’s a collaboration between experienced business leaders. The experience is most impactful in one-on-one meetings with the individual members of senior management conducting a comprehensive deep-dive into the business or top-of-mind issues. This provides for a dynamic that is conducive to tackling issues, challenges, and opportunities currently facing the company.

It can be arranged as an as-needed, weekly, or monthly service.

Leadership Partnering

No Coaching,

Just Ideas

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