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Financials, HR, Contracts, Processes, and Operations.

Whether you are a startup and need to focus on the big picture, or an established company that needs to streamline operations, Big Rocket can help you get on track. We can analyze your needs, trackdown bottlenecks, and recommend sytems or resources.

Be free to start and run your business.

Any entrepreneur will tell you starting a business can be exciting. But it also demands your constant focus on everything from the day-to-day details to the big picture ideas. It also means knowing the boundaries of your expertise – which likely isn’t Human Resources, process management, fulfillment, contracts, or any of a hundred other details that pull resources from the big picture.

Politics Kill Profits.

As outside consultants, we can often get to the heart of internal issues faster than employees. Why? Because as outsiders we can ask tough questions, push hard to break down barriers, and operate independently of the entrenched structure.

Get A Process.

No one needs more forms. This is good because that is not what we’re talking about when we say ‘Process.’ We are talking about identifying and then streamlining all the little things that waste resources. Study after study proves the slightest increases in efficiency can reap huge rewards; whether it is simply the way employees perform basic tasks, or with larger issues in manufacturing, product development, and marketing.

Get an unbiased, outside perspective.

We’ve evaluated many businesses ranging from retail, food, manufacturing, e-commerce, fashion, financial services, and technology.  Getting an honest, professional opinion for your operations is critical. And we’ll give it to you.

We know success.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients and have started many of our own businesses. There are no guarantees in business, but in our opinion success breeds success.


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