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Strategy For Growth

Our small and mid-sized business focus is for companies with less than $100M in sales who are looking for new markets, new products, and original brand and marketing opportunities to break out of the crowd.

Growth Services

Idea Development

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Finding the right ideas for your business, teams, customers, and capabilities is quite a bit more challenging. Helping you understand your potential customers, the best and minimum product offering, and many other factors is a very large part of what we do for our clients. We’ll ask a lot of questions, and we’ll really get down to the heart of your business.

Marketing & Planning

Need a go to market strategy? From reaching a few people in your town to figuring out how to create the latest internet sensation, marketing is going to get you there.

Need to reposition your company? Introduce a new product? We have a partnership with Big Rocket Design, a leading design, branding, and web agency in Southern California.

Business Modeling

Business and Revenue modeling can be one of the most challenging tasks for many small businesses; it’s one thing to see a new product or market opportunity, it’s quite another to price it and build a business around it. Together we can build a model that works to get you off the ground and that you can grow.


How a business works on a day to day basis, the people, its processes, and the underlying costs and revenue structures are what make success. Outside advice on operational issues can quickly reveal blind spots, uncover harmful politics, and identify unbiased streamlining opportunities.

Free Advice

6 Quick Tips For SMB's

Marketing Costs Money

Many business executives don't understand marketing and think of it as a necessary evil that is mostly a waste of money. Get over it. It is critical, complicated, and the secret to success.

Branding Is Critical

If you haven't updated your brand in the past five years, then competitor is out there ready to pounce. Consumers tastes move fast, and you need to at least stay current. Ideally, you take a leadership position.

Don’t Trust Your Politics

Your office politics are part of your business culture. In some ways, that is great. But there are times when it holds you back. Know when to cut through the shit, get outside advice, or simply let the players compete.

Focus On The Money

Simply put, you should know exactly how the money flows. From the moment it leaves the customers wallet to the minute you pay a salary or vendor, no detail is too small. And everyone on your team should be required to follow you lead.

Kill The Competition

Do not ever let the competition get a sale you could have worked just a little harder to get.

Crush The Numbers

By 'crush', I mean you need to own them. They are not as hard as you think (I can help), and knowing them inside and out will help you in so many ways I cannot even begin to list the outcomes.

How Much Does It Cost?

A Great Consultant Costs Less Than Hiring, and is Faster Than Internal Teams.

  • You’ll get to market sooner, and start making money sooner.
  • You’ll waste less time chasing bad ideas.
  • You’ll spend less money on useless expenses.
  • Internal teams are often too political and too busy to apply change quickly.
  • The numbers not be dumbed down for the sake of employees pet projects or feelings.
  • No one has to know what the consultant is working on.
  • You can fire a consultant any time. You can’t fire yourself.

Our prices are typical for the industry, can easily be cancelled or put on hold at any time, and can be billed as a simple monthly retainer. Every company has different consulting needs and there are simply too many variables to blindly list prices.

No Hard Sell

Think You’re Ready?

Let’s Talk Ideas

We love speaking with business owners. And talking is the only way we'll get to know if we're a good fit for each other. If you're local, we can meet for coffee. If not, let's jump on a call or a video call. Once we understand a little about who you are and your idea, then we can figure out how we can work together.

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